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tv   Headline News  RT  May 11, 2013 4:00pm-4:29pm EDT

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forty killed and many more severely injured in a double car bombing on a town border with syria with ankara suspecting syrian involvement. bloodstained election the vote count underway in pakistan after deadly blasts rocked the country during its milestone democratic vote for the former prime minister annette of the muslim league claiming victory. there were more ballots than bullets in this historic preliminary election results coming out will keep you up to date from islamic. and immigration in germany to the twenty year high with economic troubles fueling the flow of people hoping for a better life in europe's largest economy and the only e.u. member boasting growth.
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over the morning is kevin owen here at r.t. this morning just after midnight now more top story this morning. rocks a turkish town near the country's border with syria authorities put the number of dead at forty two scores more injured no word yet claimed responsibility for the bombings but he is focusing on syrian involvement middle east correspondent paula sleep with the latest. two car bombs have exploded one was in front of the city hall the other was in front of a local post office in the turkish town of gray hundred which is not far from the syrian border according to the turkish foreign ministry at least fourteen people have been killed and more than one hundred people injured now we still don't have anyone when you are going to station coming forward and claiming responsibility but the turkish prime minister has said that this is
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a sensitive time and that the culprits might be people who are unhappy with the way the kurdish peace process is progressing the turkish vice prime minister has gone on record as saying that he feels that that might be the usual aside culprits now it is important to remember that turkey shares a somewhat five hundred mile border with syria and in the past ankara has lent it support to syrian rebels who are backing the syrian presidency of bashar assad and turkey has lent the rebels both a staging santa and an area from which they can conduct their logistics so what we're hearing here is that it might in fact the syrian government officials and soldiers retaliating against syria but as i mention no conclusive proof of this it is perhaps important to remember that back in february there was a car bomb in the same eleven at that stage to the turkish government pointed fingers at the assad regime this is an area that does see a lot of fighting between syrian rebel forces and pro side forces and certainly the
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syrian turkish border is extremely volatile also his deputy prime minister called syria's military and intelligence the usual suspects in the case but it's over politics first magazine markers papadopoulos told me doesn't see that as a plausible scenario and things could even be a turkish hand in the attack. why would the syrian government when it is fighting a very very serious internal conflict it needs which resources at the moment put down what is a very very serious islamist uprising and islamist uprising which is linked to al qaida so it's certainly not in the interests of syria not of france or of france against turkey but i would just like to make two very quick points there had there has been violence earlier this year between syrian refugees in turkey and the turkish authorities and that it was old and some casualties however i was also say
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that a couple of years ago some turkish generals were actually found guilty and sentenced to prison by a turkish court shortage plan in a war against greece the details of that was that turkish planes were going to be shot down by their own sites over the aegean sea and blamed on greece so given that turkey has played a very very strong role in the syrian conflict at the moment and it's try and slow going are a nato shunts in syria i would argue that it shouldn't be ruled out that it could be a turkish fans at play here. more big stories this morning pakistan counting the votes in its milestone general election following deadly explosions and gunfire in cities and towns across the nation the country's first power transition for the ballot box has already been dubbed though the deadliest poll in its history at least sixteen people have been killed dozens more injured in a series of bomb blasts in more people have died in pakistan's biggest province baluchistan were explosions and government targeted voters outside polling stations
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also their two others fell victim to shooters between rival political factions violence has erupted is well in pakistan's volatile north where two bomb attacks cause further casualties in the city of push our little come on the screen there is you can see where it is at is this a cafe of spain and following the turbulent. no one has claimed responsibility for the attacks that took place across pakistan today but we do know that there are numerous armed to political factions the do operate here in pop the son and of course. the pakistani taliban which has waged a bloody intimidation campaign in the weeks leading up to the vote that has claimed the lives of more than one hundred and thirty people here all across the country now the pakistani taliban regarded these elections as quote islamic and actually they've been targeting with the violence largely secular left leaning parties including for example the m.p. the awami national party which is growing the brunt of the tops of has been
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prevented from campaigning openly which is certainly certain to skew the results in some districts we do have to say though that if this election was between despair and defiance defiance did win as a record eighty six million pakistanis were eligible to vote people did turn out in droves we saw in men's excitement at the polling stations but at the same time there were some accusations of voting irregularities for example in the city of karachi where much of the violence has taken place there were delays in votes and in fact the electoral commission has extended the voting in some areas saying that free and fair elections did not take place at certain polling centers there but that is not likely to affect the overall outcome of the results and by and large we can say that this was a successful democratic election across the country this is significant of course for a country has been ruled by the military for more than half of its history as an independent state we do have preliminary results and based on the outcome so far it looks like
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the p.l.o. and party which is led by former prime minister nawaz sharif is in significant leave it does put mr sharif on the road to being prime minister for a third time in his career and in fact just. to the stage before his jubilant supporters in lahore to announce an electoral victory for his. party saying that the party thanks for the opportunity to serve pakistan again now quite significant here is the turnout that we're seeing the at least according to preliminary results for. cricket star turned politician has seen a large turnout largely among young voters and is poised to become popular second largest party which is quite significant also for the pops on people's party which has formed the outgoing government it shows a mandate for change that shows that pakistanis do want difference in their electoral outcome and it certainly shows that the large problems that the outgoing
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governmental have to deal with unemployment economic problems the rising threat of violence they have not been addressed significantly so pakistanis with their ballots are saying that they do want change. national security specialist patricia did you know you spoke to me she says the people of pakistan was so fed up with the conditions in the country they were courageous enough to head to the polls despite the danger. these things are very tough though you know we saw the same thing in afghanistan with the taliban threatening and you know as we're seeing they're very very serious about these threats and and it's difficult for people that don't have a lot of. ability and maneuverability around with so many threats going on of around that affair goes a long way particularly when you don't know when it's going to happen and you're looking around at every corner. but you know people who really take risks to get
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out there and and exercise their right and their voice are becoming victims from an extra hour and they're becoming victims by their own internal struggles so people become very very tired you know remember when you're so traumatized and and you become absolutely exhausted with this continuous type of reflection in your reality it's sometimes it's hard to to be so courageous with you know what you think about it we know you'll verdict on the outcome of pakistan's historic first democratic transition as it is this is what you're telling us this. view of yours if you three percent woman sent from last time say the ballot won't change things just a spectacle for the benefit of the west slightly more than a quarter twenty seven percent believe the election will trigger a muslim rage across the country fourteen percent of you that convince the poll will provide the basis for a functional democracy the rest of you say six percent some going to bring dysfunction in the government you're not up to mr good or you can have your say
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right now. download the official application to yourself choose your language stream quality and enjoy your favorite. if you're away from your television just doesn't matter now with your mobile device you can watch on t.v. anytime anywhere. to matters above our heads now the ammonia leak at the international space station appears to be fixed after two nasa astronauts installed a new cooling system pump chris cassidy and thomas marshburn took a nearly six hour long space walks trying to determine what caused a leak was first spotted on thursday while they didn't find the exact source of the escape replacing a new pump at the suspected problem spot seems to have taken care of the problem says crews still monitoring the situation and looking into what may of course the
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incident. coming up this hour action against the bailout. package of measures to avert a financial meltdown amid fears it's about to follow cyprus we got more on that in a few minutes. well. it's technology innovation all the developments from around russia we. covered. and realized everything in. the big picture.
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sun and good morning we will remember that we will. hello again slovenia is rushing to reform its economy amid mounting concern is next in line for me the action plan includes the sale of fifteen state companies tax hikes and public sector wage cuts it comes ahead of the european commission report due at the end of the month and the nerves over the situation in slovenia it's got a tiny economy with the g.d.p. of about forty five billion euros and indebted banking system burdened with about eighty seven billion euros of bad loans now has been trying to prop that up by transferring the non-performing loans of his largest bags to a newly established bad bag meantime its credit rating was recently cut to junk by moody's one of the lowest investment grades as it sounds the same thing happened to
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cyprus back in twenty twelve a year before it faced a punishing bailout whether slovenia's but insisting it doesn't need help from international lenders you want it over from economic trends magazine says though that says for the year everybody who has been in trouble in the eurozone in the last year is as in the first phase of the grass is always refused to admit that they are really in trouble and of course is first of all some kind of psychological game they're trying to play with the markets and with the public at large. that. being said. there's also been quite clear there all the countries that came in the danger zone eventually had to ask for oil which is something national governments don't like because obviously to at least a certain degree their two hands are two and two or b.
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two foreign powers be the european central bank the european european commission the i.m.f. or the treaty together in the famous troika. well while much of europe worries about the next country in line for a bailout is largest economy still managing to grow but with germany's success comes a flood of immigrants from debt stricken neighbors and other non e.u. countries too so the locals are not too happy about a report on that in a few minutes. foreign troops are said to leave afghanistan next year but it won't be the end of the road for america's armed forces there the u.s. says it will keep nine military bases open while thousands of private security contractors are also staying on middle east and u.n. issues activist phyllis bennis told me that because afghanistan strategic location is as it is it allows washington to keep a foothold in the region. we know that the agreement signed between the u.s. and afghanistan allows for some number of u.s.
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troops to remain after the end of two thousand and fourteen the numbers have varied there's been estimates of as low as eight thousand and as many as twenty two thousand that the obama administration would like to keep in afghanistan after the the withdrawal of so-called combat troops this has everything to do with the neighborhood where afghanistan is located afghanistan doesn't have on its own but it has a large territory in the midst of a very crucial neighborhood in terms of oil and in terms of the expansion of power the u.s. wanted for example to keep permanent bases in iraq that it could use as a base from which it could attack iran the iraqis said no the afghans will be asked the same thing will they allow those bases even if it's only nine of them to be used potentially to attack other countries in the neighborhood that's one of the things the u.s. is very eager for on a permanent basis it's not so much about the immediacy of the taliban everyone knows that the presence of u.s. troops in afghanistan is making it much more difficult not easier for there to be
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serious peace negotiations between the various factions in afghanistan whether it be the taliban whether it be the afghan government whether it be a host of other factions that are all competing for power. and examined american presence in afghanistan beyond twenty four to no breaking to such show will correspond to fourteen different conflicts compared u.s. military operations that the british colonial forces in the nineteenth century is a quick preview the discussion. you've written an article titled all colonial wars are alike where you state that the u.s. is reconfigured its army for colonial forces and warfare how did they do this the pentagon has had to train its troops for guerilla warfare the cold counterinsurgency it's got a more helicopters less heavy equipment less tanks and heavy artillery and it has to develop all kinds of or a reconnaissance techniques and tactics doctrine they call it in the military how
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to use this thing to hunt small groups of lightly armed combatants but the core question that bothers me is the british army in the late eighteenth hundreds was similarly trained and equipped to fight its colonial wars on the northwest frontier of india plays in zulu wars when the british ran into real soldiers at the some in one thousand nine hundred fourteen sixteen in the in the western front the britons were horribly massacred because they were trained from our war of the united states is now announced that it's pivoting towards asia and u.s. military development will have to take china into account how do you do that with an army trained to fight tribes and on the northwest frontier.
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and you watch breaking the set at twenty one thirty g.m.t. also available on a website of course treating everyone. the looking down the barrel of yet another recession the block's powerhouse germany's doing relatively well in fact it's the only member state that's managed to weak out growth and as a result it's attracting more and more people escaping financial troubles in debt stricken southern europe and outside the e.u. as artie's pullover found out was becoming frustrated for many germans. those coming to germany in search of a new life might find one of their biggest challenges in the shape of the german people a bertelsmann foundation poll shows two thirds of people hear a few new comers as a burden on society one of those is culture schmidt he says he knows families who come from outside of the e.u. as many as five children who live in the state presently. the main performance which you have to bring to stay in germany you have to make
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children if you have no drop in germany and normal social flat hundred square meters in five children you get another three thousand euros that month social eight call runs a motor scooter hire company in berlin and claims to represent many of set at what they see as a free ride given to migrants. if i would live in africa and i hear that and i see that my friend of mine of the relative of mine is already in bali and shows me via facebook how he is living then i would say oh well i go to bernie and as soon as possible immigration here is a twenty year high with a further two million expected to arrive within the next three years along with traditional settlers from turkey the bulk of that number will come from with in sight the e.u. as the jobless countries like spain and greece look for better opportunities in the
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much wealthy in north as the mediterranean situation worsens wealthier countries like germany are a magnet to provide work for their fellow e.u. citizens but even those who weren't even born in germany worry about the influx of . i came here in one thousand nine hundred four and now there are so many immigrants in germany who are not working not doing anything this leads to problems they live better than those who work. but those in the turkish community insist it's not easy. sometimes having immigrant status is not stickle to get a good job which leads to lack of prospects and in some cases people turn to crime but this is not the majority how to handle surging immigration numbers or even the perception that they're draining society is going to prove harder for leaders to avoid there's a general election here just five months peter all of her. online from
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us tonight we find out how the world's biggest hacker group fighting fire with fire the u.s. government's taking a page of the cyber activists with its relentless battle against online attacks and another click away on the windows are blown out in cars and bats if you recall that we could to a go this happen check police now releasing c.c.t.v. footage of that gas explosion that ripped open an office building in the heart of. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of kandahar. giant corporations are all day. mounting unrest in libya has prompted the u.s.
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to put its troops on heightened alert and pull diplomatic staff from its embassy the u.k. is also recalled all non-essential staff from the country government of legacies to libya's ministries and foreign embassies for over two weeks now and on saturday an anti militia demonstration in the capital came under attack libya's government recently granted the militia demand for gadhafi era officials to be banned from senior government roles now they're calling for the country's prime minister to resign international relations professor mark colvin says western powers are responsible for the instability and a surge of violence that's sweeping the country. we're seeing is deep divisions among the libyan revolutionaries who. supported there's a struggle over who should control the libyan state and control libya's or written gas if colonel gadhafi had suppressed the opposition to. the streets of last two thousand possibly hundreds of people would regard or perhaps as many as thirty thousand died since and the country is in a state or disorder on. certainty life for most of us is worse than it was on
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account of that our articles kind of about his regime was supposed by the western countries to be the bad regime anything must be russia we were told well i'm afraid to say we see that it's not necessarily so clear after all they only english be able to create a situation where groups came to power and so they have local nomination and there are of course. groups who may be welcoming nato bombers but are in fact quite serious and he wants to move in fundamentalist groups who have now been sending parts also to syria so they don't we go this is only the continued presence of western embassies the british french all the americans as being wholly something they'd like to see in a liberal to do they would see libya. when we come back of the break why africa is still starving despite all the humanitarian aid from developed countries it's been spent on it documentaries learned a few called charity diplomacy and business suit. you
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know i've been asked a few times if i believe in conspiracy theories which is kind of an odd question i mean just in general believe in conspiracy theories like all of them even the ones that contradict each other i mean j.f.k. could have been killed by the mob the cia the k.g.b. and very secret societies at the same time or could he have been know what you just declare themselves official conspiracy theories that's silly obviously it isn't good just go around fishing for evil plots to explain every situation the mainstream media sure does lie a lot but i think they're telling the truth about that whole sky being blue thing but on the other hand if you never question what the glowing box in your house tells you that just makes you
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a sucker the kind of sucker who bought that there were magical mysterious invisible weapons of mass destruction in iraq and you know what in all honesty there's actually been real evil conspiracies that have been exposed like the tuskegee experiment and the fascist coup attempt against president roosevelt in one nine hundred thirty s. over all people think it spears the theories are matter of belief but actually they're completely a matter of facts and there's a lot of good evidence to support a conspiracy and good arguments that maybe you should consider it but if someone tells you the president is actually a rip tell him from the cosmos yeah you might want to just stay away from that one but that's just my opinion. according to the law usaid is allowed to procure up to seventy five percent
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american products and transport them only on american ships. and that means that the shippers have a lot of interest in food aid policy and have been an incredibly effective lobby to fight for the status quo of sourcing in and shipping from the united states the u.s. government is the only government in the world that hasn't made substantial movements in the direction of enabling local procurement of food aid in developing countries in order to respond faster and more cheaply to food emergencies as they arise. so even today the food must first be balt then loaded on a ship in american harbor and then travel for several months in order to reach africa. that would be approximately four to six months from when it has been termed that we want to participate in in a particular appeal and so when the food arrives. to g.a.o.
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where mr alito works issued a report which presented the problem to congress. president bush tried to change the system so that a portion of the food would be procured from local markets and thus a wry faster and cost less. they failed and they failed because of the lobbying efforts the highly successful and very sophisticated lobbying efforts of those who benefit from the status quo in u.s. food aid programs from the american taxpayer's money only forty percent goes for the purchase of food aid for the starving people in africa the remaining sixty percent goes to the shipping companies. that haven't yet. yet the reader have
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a good however. was that i am the god who gave you haven't heard. that. i don't like depending on as heirs with the right. of that much and all of them other than i but our land doesn't produce anything and to prise us a soda. out of what did and months ago was so to some wheat but it was aired in the sun on. a mist and. now. we.


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